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League Schedule

Spring 2014 NO Team Schedule

Sundays @ 8 am Lafreniere Park – Bag Tag Challenge

Sundays @ 12 pm City Park – Handicap League

Mondays @ 10 am City Park – Pro Tees Bag Tag Challenge

Wednesdays @ 5 pm City Park – Random Draw Doubles

Thursdays @ 4:45 pm City Park … Read More »


Scores from Parked in the Dark at City Park, July 27, 2013

Novice Ladies (3)
1 Brittany Hritz 62 $75
2 Emily Eaton 63 $50
3 Jenni Reed 65 $30

Advanced (5)
1 Will McInnis 48 $60
2 Jason Volo 50 $45
T3 Phillip Murray 54
T3 Keith Osborne 54
5 Greg Grillot 56

Intermediate (19)
1 Keith Osborne III 52 $100
2 Drew Larsen 53 $70
3 Joey Scales 53 $60
4 Sean Fitzwilliam 53 $50
6 Ryan Niccolini 54 $30
5 Tommy Grillot 54 $40
7 Aaron Martin 55 $20
8 Daniel Perkins 57
T9 Stephen Thornbury 58
T9 Charlie Owcarz 58
T11 Landon Williams 59
T11 Matt McKay 59
T11 Sam Knight 59
T14 Chris Fullen 63
T14 Chris Gullickson 63
16 Andy Kientz 65
17 Anthony Eaton 66
18 Nick Rapazzini 69
DNF Matt Kientz DNF

Advanced Masters (4)
1 Troy Stone 55 $55
2 Moe Bowers 58 $40
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Sunday Special Tournament postponed to March 3!

Due to the Rock & Roll Marathon which will have City Park shut down all day on Feb. 24, the NO Team Sunday Special Tournament has been moved to Sunday March 3!

NO Team apologizes for the inconvenience. In case you missed the last email about this event, here’s the … Read More »

2013 Bag Tags are on sale! Bag Tag Auction raises $225 for the club at the Annual Club Party

That’s right disc golf fans. The 2013 NO Team Bag Tags are in and everyone agrees they are even better than last year’s.

20 bucks will get you membership to the New Orleans Disc Golf Club, plus a 2013 NO Team Bag Tag, and a 2013 NO Team custom-stamped Innova disc in DX plastic (upgrades to better plastic are available).

The annual club party/election/bag tag auction was quite a smashing success at the Bayou Beer Garden. Plenty plenty of great free food for everyone and the exciting bag tag auction pleased the big crowd of over 50 disc golfers. The auction even had a mystery bidder on #1 who bid the price all the way up to $ 90. Eric Nolte hired Lucky Connie to outbid us all for the number 1. It was quite the scene, man. Anyway tags # 1 through 15 were auctioned off for a total of 225 dollars.

No Team would like to say thanks to everyone who bid on a new bag tag, and everyone who brought food to the party like Chef Rem, Cheif Red Bull Keith, Bread Man Johnny C, Big Brown & Lucky, and Padre Greg. Also thanks to Jay Vo for reserving the location.

The election results were the same as last year, unanimous votes for Rob Williams, President; Royden Peabody, Vice President; and Mike Kernan, Secretary/Treasurer.

2 thoughts on “2013 Bag Tags are on sale! Bag Tag Auction raises $225 for the club at the Annual Club Party

  1. Trey Deuce Disc Golf – Building two 18 hole courses – Houck Design – We would like to receive updates from you & invite you to Mt. Vernon, Texas
    Website being developed now. FYI 2014 Amateur World Doubles Tournament is April 4-5-6- 2014. Franklin County Chamber of Commerce

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