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League Schedule

Fall 2014 NO Team Schedule

Sundays @ 8 am Lafreniere Park – Bag Tag Challenge (when City Park league isn’t at 8 AM due to 12 Noon Saints kickoffs)

Sundays @ 8 am (when Saints start at Noon) or 12 pm City Park – Handicap League

Mondays @ 10 am City … Read More »


2014 Pot of Gold
PDGA C Tier – Pro/Am
173 Players – $2,960.00 Purse

1st Place by Division:
Pro Open – Barrett Johnson
Pro Masters – Scott Scholten
Pro GM – Kevin Weiss
Advanced – Will McInnis
AM Masters – Tony Hester
AM Grandmasters – Ron Put
Intermediate – … Read More »


NO Sweat Workday

Sunday July 13th – 9 am
Nothing like some sweat equity in the course to take your game to the next level. NO Team is known for great tournaments. Come out and prep the course for the 8th Annual New Orleans Doubles Championships. Then enjoy the fruit of … Read More »

Rob Williams

Rob “Mr. President” Williams

Rob will kick your ass.  There’s really not much else to say other than he will whoop you in his sleep. Smooth and accurate best describes Rob’s “ass-kicking” style of play.  His claim to fame is a Pro Master’s win at City Park (yes, he beat Kernan).

Go-To Disc: Roc

Putter: Magnet

Notable Quote: "Happy Birthday, Mr. President"


Royden Peabody IV

Royden, a die hard fan of the movie Top Gun, brings many assets to NO Team. Most notably is the “oracle”, which has been the glue that has bound the team over the past 18 months. In addition to Top Gun, Royden loves kilts, kittens, and peeing from his knees.

Go-To Disc: DGA Rouge

Putter: SSS Wizard

Notable Quote: Too many to choose from >> Pick one for me


Mike Kernan

Internet forums beware, Kernan is lurking behind a keyboard ready to pounce on your ass with some witty banter. Mike loves all things SN Board of Directors and enjoys adding to his 100+ career ace total.

Go-To Disc: Arobie Epic

Putter: 10m Brick

Notable Quote: "Eh, hosehead, once you get there you can have all the free beer and sausages you want. "

Steve Timm

Steve Timm

A local legend who dresses sharper than a Ginsu knife, Steve has been putting the hurt on the Grand Masters division for years.  With the ability to “throw anything”, you can find Steve out-driving those half his age with his silky smooth hyzer-flips.

Go-To Disc: Anything DGA/ Discraft

Putter: Gateway Magic

Notable Quote:


Big Brown

Big Brown will deliver. I’m not talking about brown boxes or pepperoni pizza’s, but a thorough ass whooping. Known best for his friendly yet hilarious banter with Ker-Nan, Big Brown can flat out play. What can Brown do for you?

Go-To Disc: Beast

Putter: Aviar

Notable Quote: "Hum Brah!"


“Dangerous” Don Perkins

Ok, so here’s a true story. I played a round with Don recently. After receiving a thorough ass-whooping from his silky smooth, under-stable disc throwing style, I asked him where got the nickname “Dangerous” from. He responded by breaking a KC Pro Aviar in thirds and using the sharpest piece to shank me. The wound has never fully healed.

Go-To Disc: Lat 64 Bolt

Putter: Aviar

Notable Quote: "Want to know where my nickname came from? Just ask, I dare you."

Dave Williamson

Dave “Old Wheel Drive” Williamson

Don’t let his age fool you kids, he will out-play you.  On the course, Dave is more consistant than Cal Ripkin Jr. and is best known for sinking every putt he has ever taken.

Go-To Disc: Champ Teebird

Putter: Gateway Magic

Notable Quote: "Excuse me while I whoop your ass"

Frank Ben

Frank Ben

You really don’t want to mess with a guy who carries his discs in a painters apron. Frank is a pure power player and reigning Champion of the 5th Annual New Orleans Doubles Championship (Int. Am). When he’s not throwing 400 ft. anhyzers, he’s skipping in shots from 200 ft, watch out!

Go-To Disc: Valkerie

Putter: Wizard

Notable Quote:


James Wood

James plays disc golf standing still. He doesn’t run up. He just stands there. Don’t get confused, he’ll shoot -10 at City Park after pounding 15 performance enhancing* Bud Heavies, but he just stands there. Really, it’s an amazing sight to see.

*This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA

Go-To Disc: Leopard

Putter: Pig

Notable Quote: "Check out my knife. You have to be an electrician to own one. NOW WHAT!


Jason “Rusty Trombone” Volo

You don’t want to know where J-Vo got his nickname, that’s a story for a website with the newly available .xxx suffix. What you do need to know is that J-Vo is deadly with a disc in his hand. Seriously, I once saw him kill a squirrel who gave him the stank eye from 400 feet away. With the ability to go both ways (get your head out of the gutter, his backhand and forehand are vicious), J-Vo finishes towards the top week in and week out.

Go-To Disc: Starfire

Putter: KC Aviar

Notable Quote: "This Vodka tastes like water, line me up another!"

Larry LeBlanc

Larry “Chop” LeBlanc

Known for his smooth style, accurate putting, and mid-nineties techno music, “Chop” can pull off an amazing round of disc golf.  He’s most well-known for ripping bag tag #1 out of the unwilling hands of Mike Kernan after an impressive round at City Park.

Go-To Disc: Buzzz

Putter: Champ Rhyno

Notable Quote: "If I could pick the greatest era for music, it would definitely be 1990's techno"


Mark “The Shark” LaBorde

Mark is best known for randomly shouting “Hooters” on all ace run holes, supplying the team with all necessary clothing, and an impeccable work ethic. When the Shark is not out on the course he can be found… wait, it just occurred to me that children might read this bio.

Go-To Disc: CE Valkerie

Putter: KC Pro Aviar

Notable Quote: "Hooters!"


Nate Batts

Nate has the strength of 6 men and once threw a kitten into the basket for an ace on hole 18 at City Park (yes, in the long position). When he’s not out at City Park harassing kittens, Nate can be found behind a computer screen developing websites, such as NO Team dot com.

Go-To Disc: Star Destroyer

Putter: KC Aviar

Notable Quote: "No, I was NOT ever a girls softball coach. Seriously."

Victor Harris

Victor “BJJ” Harris

Vic, who lost his eye in a freak gasoline fight accident, joined NO Team mainly to keep the screaming mass of ladies at bay. Originally hired as a body guard, we quickly found that he was being vastly under utilized. You see, Vic is a BJJ expert. If you give him any lip, he’ll put you in one of those pretzel holds that guys like Ric Flair made a career out of. That shit hurts bro! Oh, did I mention he will beat you with one eye shut… ’cause he will. I’m serious. He showed up at City Park one day, eyeball still smoldering, and beat everyone by 15 strokes.

Go-To Disc: Nuke SS

Putter: SSS Wizard

Notable Quote: "Did I mention I can putt with one eye closed?"