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League Schedule

Fall 2014 NO Team Schedule

Sundays @ 8 am Lafreniere Park – Bag Tag Challenge (when City Park league isn’t at 8 AM due to 12 Noon Saints kickoffs)

Sundays @ 8 am (when Saints start at Noon) or 12 pm City Park – Handicap League

Mondays @ 10 am City … Read More »


2014 Pot of Gold
PDGA C Tier – Pro/Am
173 Players – $2,960.00 Purse

1st Place by Division:
Pro Open – Barrett Johnson
Pro Masters – Scott Scholten
Pro GM – Kevin Weiss
Advanced – Will McInnis
AM Masters – Tony Hester
AM Grandmasters – Ron Put
Intermediate – … Read More »


NO Sweat Workday

Sunday July 13th – 9 am
Nothing like some sweat equity in the course to take your game to the next level. NO Team is known for great tournaments. Come out and prep the course for the 8th Annual New Orleans Doubles Championships. Then enjoy the fruit of … Read More »

NO Team League Schedule

Fall 2014 NO Team Schedule

Sundays @ 8 am Lafreniere Park – Bag Tag Challenge (when City Park league isn’t at 8 AM due to 12 Noon Saints kickoffs)

Sundays @ 8 am (when Saints start at Noon) or 12 pm City Park – Handicap League

Mondays @ 10 am City Park – Pro Tees Bag Tag Challenge

Wednesdays @ 6:00 pm City Park – Random Draw GLOW Doubles

Thursdays @ 3:45 pm City Park – Bag Tag Challenge and Ace Pot Extravaganza

Fridays @ 10:00 am Lafreniere Park – Bag Tag Challenge

Saturdays @ 10:00 am Lafreniere Park – Bag Tag Challenge

23 thoughts on “NO Team League Schedule

  1. Will be visiting in April. Do I need to have a bag tag to play in the BT challenge? Can I just play as a marker?

    Fine. How much for a bag tag?

    • You’re welcome to play without a bag tag at any of our weekly bag tag challenges, hope you can make it!

      If you want to purchase a club membership which comes with a tag and club disc for $20 before you arrive let us know.

        • This is a Fantastic Club from what i have read and in a couple weeks when i get some of my free time back i will be joining up and playing a round at city park with you. i will post back up when i know the particular day in which i plan to attend.
          I just wanted to commend you for all you and your club has done for this beloved sport of disc golf that we all enjoy.
          From what i have seen the course at city park is a quite nice one and i look forward to getting some time on it in the near future.


  2. The easiest way to join NOTeam is to find Joe Burback at City Park. He’s out there most days by Hole #1 with discs and he always has NO Team bag tags. It’s 20 bucks to join , and you get a bag tag and a DX disc with your membership.

    If you’d like to sign up by Paypal or snail mail, we can do that too. Just send me an email to


  3. Hello im jason im here in vacation. I will be at city park around 3pm. Im an open player looking for someone to show me the lines, dont care what division or age just looking for a friendly round or two. Ill be there as close to 3 as I can. Looking forward to playing city Park.

  4. Recently arrived in town. Hopeful of staying in town long enuff to defend adv grand fossils title from 2013 pot of gold. Question is this: Is City Park course still in the same place? or is proposed splash park causing any changes yet, or within the next month??

    • Yes City Park’s course is still in the same place. The park hasn’t secured the funds for the splash park and so they’re not in a big hurry to move the disc golf course.

  5. Hey I’m in town for a business/vacation and was wondering if anyone would want to give me a ride to the 8am doubles Sunday morning from the Hyatt in the French quarter. I’d also be down to play a round Saturday morning-tomorrow, of anyone could give me a ride. I’m an open player from IL and would love to see these courses while im here for either a fun round r if ya want to throw a couple bucks on it. Give me a call or text Rich 217-827-9443

  6. I don’t think anything organized is going on that day Andy. If you can make it Sunday at noon the mini is well attended and the ace pot’s up to a couple hundred bucks or so.

  7. Traveling to New Orleans in 15 days (arriving October 9th). The wife and I plan to play a few courses while we are there. City Park and Lafreniere on on my list. I would LOVE to get a NOTeam tag and disc to add to my collection. How would I go about getting that? Also, would love to play a round in the singles if possible during the weekend, providing I can clear it with the rest of the group we are with. Any information would be helpful.

  8. Hey all, visiting from VA and Colonial Disc Golf club. Hoping to join everyone on Monday 10/6 at 10 am? Nobody works? :) or is anyone looking to play a round at City Park or even another?

    Hope to be able to catch up with some locals and have a good time!
    Aaron D’Angelo

  9. I am visiting for a few more days and want to play in wed. dbls. what time does it currently start, and has the 1st hole location changed since march??

  10. Wednesday Doubles starts at 5:00 this week! Hole 1 starts at the same location (goes a different direction, but still starts in the same place).

  11. I am from the New Orleans area and just purchased a set of golf discs. Went out and threw some around the lake which went ok I guess. LOL I am off this Monday and Tuesday and might head out to a course to play around and putt some and maybe some do some mid range shots. I dont want to throw all of my discs in the water just yet. Any sessions with new people to the game? I can typically throw balls with decent accuracy so I am sure it will just take time with this.


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